Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Flat Rate Move New York Movers Flat price Relocation Moving Services RESIDENTIAL RELOCATION From an entire home or apartment to a single piece of furniture, FlatPrice is ready to serve your relocation needs. Whether you want to plan ahead or need assistance immediately, we're prepared to help. Our experienced New York City moving team is fully-trained to move art, antiques, and pianos. COMMERCIAL RELOCATION A commercial move takes cutting-edge equipment, innovative technology, and the most knowledgeable and conscientious personnel in the field. In other words, you need FlatPrice... NYC's top relocaton solution. BOXES AND SUPPLIES FlatPrice Moving has every conceivable moving item. Feel free to purchase on our website or call us and we will help you. We deliver free of charge for orders over $50.00 in New York City. STORAGE SERVICES FlatPrice storage can satisfy any type of residential or commercial requirement. Contact us to explore your options. Please fill out our FREE ESTIMATE to get started.

Flat Rate Move New York Movers Flat price Relocation:
FlatPrice Movers offers residential and commercial customers an all-inclusive move for a single, guaranteed price – with no last-minute price changes or additional fees. This ensures that customers don’t have to deal with the constantly changing (and rising) quotes so common within the New York moving industry.
Our goal at Flat Price is to hear nothing but rave reviews from you after your move. For that reason, and because we take your move extremely seriously, our crew receives ongoing training to make sure your move is handled with maximum care, respect and efficiency.
You will find our foremen to be competent, polite, and expert in their direction of your move. Similarly, our movers undergo comprehensive training before they ever lift a box, and will deliver 100% effort on the job.
Each time you move, it’s a different experience – with its own quirks and special requirements. FlatPrice fully understands this. In fact, we will tailor your move to fit like a glove. Specific dates, times, elevator and stair requirements – nothing is overlooked as we develop a comprehensive plan to transport your belongings with the utmost efficiency.
The following services are available, and are typically performed in a full-service move:
- In-home estimate to price and schedule your move (or a phone, fax, or email estimate per your request)
- Inventory list of all items to be moved
- Packaging materials delivery to your home so you can begin packing
- Letter confirmation of your entire moving plan, including a detailed breakdown of all items to be moved and services to be performed. We review this letter with you to make sure no stone goes unturned.
- Packing and preparation by our crew. We will even handle fragile items such as major electronic equipment, mirrors, and lamps.
- Full wrapping and padding of furniture. Items can be crated, assembled, or disassembled per your wishes.
- Delivery of your belongings to your new location. Our professionally trained movers will transport any item, no matter how delicate. Your move will be supervised by a foreman who will ensure that each aspect of the operation is handled with proper care and efficiency.
The business world doesn’t shut down for you to move. With FlatPrice Moving, you don’t have to, either. We will move your business in the speediest, efficient, and non-invasive manner possible. From well-trained and experienced personnel, to cutting-edge equipment and technology, we have the tools you need to continue “business as usual” without a hitch.
Whether you’re moving to another floor, building, city or country, FlatPrice delivers the ultimate option for commercial moving. Our goal is to transport your items and set them up in a tightly-coordinated manner, while staying within our original quote (and thus your budget). No surprise additions to your final bill.

Phase 1 – Planning

We will develop a plan to ensure that your business is disrupted as little as humanly possible, while maintaining proper care and respect for your items.

Phase 2 – Delivery of Packing Materials

We will deliver all necessary boxes and tags for you to pack your items. We provide and pack boxes designed for any items requiring special care (paintings, mirrors, antiques, etc.).

Phase 3 – Marking and Tagging

Based on the floor plan of your current office, we mark all items prior to the move. Then, we head to the new space and again label each area in agreement with the floor plan to make sure all items are put where they belong.

Phase 4 – Office Protection

We cover your office floors, walls, and common areas with wall coverings and masonite for protection.

Phase 5 – Preparation and Packing

Our trained team will pack all items in your office. Your office furniture will be wrapped for protection. We’ll use library carts to move your books, ensuring they are safe and secure. Our team will preload the items onto dollies so as not to tie up the elevator on moving day.

Phase 6 – The Move

At a time designated by you, our crew will arrive to begin loading your items onto our trucks. We’ll provide a foreman to supervise your move and keep you in the loop with all happenings. He will remain in constant radio contact with our HQ during the move.

Phase 7 – Unpacking and Setup

FlatPrice will transport your belongings to your new location. No matter how delicate, our extensively-trained and experienced team will move any item. We will then unwrap and set up your furniture per your wishes.

- Request a no-hassle estimate
- Receive letter of confirmation of your move
- We help you plan and pack
- We pick-up, deliver, and unpack your items
- Welcome to your new office space
No-Hassle Moving.
NY OFFICE: 20 EAST 9TH STREET, SUITE 6T, NEW YORK, NY 10003 TEL. (212) 533-3334